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Our Lady of the Candlemas

The Virgin of the Candelaria or Virgin of the Presentation is one of the invocations of the Virgin Mary. The history of this image is closely linked to the history of the Canary Islands and especially the island of Tenerife as it was the place where she is said to have appeared. The original image was preserved in the Basilica of Candelaria, in the municipality of Candelaria in Tenerife, but disappeared after a storm that struck the island. Because the Canaries were a mandatory stopover on trips to America, many of their customs were exported to that continent. Among them, the veneration of the Virgin of the Candelaria (Candlemass). Currently, the image is venerated with special devotion in the Canary Islands, where she is considered the Patroness of the Canary Archipelago and in the south of Peru. 

Prayer to the blessed Virgin Mary

Santa María, ayúdame a esforzarme según el máximo de mi capacidad y al máximo de mis posibilidades para así responder al Plan de Dios en todas las circunstancias concretas de mi vida.


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